If the cap fits…

I nearly always wear a cap on a run. Either to protect my head from the sun or, more often, to keep the rain out of my eyes, I consider it a pretty essential piece of kit when I head out of the door. So I was pleased to be given an On running cap to trial and give a bit of feedback on.


I have to be honest, I had no idea that On did anything other than running shoes. I’ve used their shoes in the past, running my first 24 hour race in them, and loved the cushioning they give. But that doesn’t always mean that success is going to translate into good clothing.

Also before I start I should mention that I have an unfeasibly small head! I mean ridiculously small. I really struggle to find a one-size-fits-all cap that actually does fit. So I was interested to see what this one would look and feel like once it was on.

So, as with any cap, I have to tighten it to its smallest possible size. On some hats this means the band at the back flaps about screaming “look at me and my tiny dome”. Handily this one can tuck away inside the lining giving the illusion of a normal person’s head.

I first wore this one (in black) on a particularly hot day and was a bit worried it would fry my brain but I needn’t have worried. The hat overall is very light and the sides are well ventilated with holes cut through all the way along.



I have to say, its a keeper. Its so light I didn’t really feel it was there but definitely felt the breeze going through the sides. And it doesn’t move either. Its stable even in the wind out on a pretty exposed run. I haven’t worn it in the rain yet but so long as the peak keeps the rain out of my contact lenses (one got washed out during the world half marathon championships in Cardiff last year) it gets my vote.

The only niggle, and it is a personal one, is that there still is a tiny bit too much material for a tiny headed runner. You normals should be fine though!


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