I’m not injured, so don’t forget it (its just a silly phase I’m going through)

Finally my legs have decided that enough is enough. While running Abingdon marathon a week after the A100 was exhausting I thought I’d got off quite lightly as afterwards my legs felt tired but not battered.

A week later and I’d developed a small but irritating pain in the muscle just to the inside of one of my knees. Knowing that this sort of thing can only get worse without immediate attention I immediately did nothing about it.

My normal calorie intake dictates that I have to continue exercising just to maintain the status quo as the idea of refusing cake/ice cream/pizza etc is inconceivable.

And so I have kept running and, to be fair, it hurts less running than walking. Until now.

Saturday was a big day in one of my club members lives. Through a lot of self sacrifice,  convoluted planning and training he had orchestrated his 50th parkrun to coincide with his 50th birthday. And just to add a bit more pressure he’d decided he wanted to beat his PB too. So I said I’d be a pacemaker for 24 minutes (the time he wanted to break). In the end he didn’t need me as he smashed his pb by 1 minute 20! Meanwhile I had a very enjoyable run around encouraging him when he was nearby and getting very acquainted with the pace function of my Suunto.

A rather manic looking me, pacing Phil (in vest behind me)
A slightly less manic me pacing absolutely no-one at all

It wasn’t until I got home afterwards that I realised the niggle was back with a vengeance. Going upstairs was ok but coming down was a little bit more interesting.

The following day was probably my favourite half marathon of all, the Marlow Half. I was never going to run it anyway as I was taking November off from any competitive running but there was no way I could have done it in my current state. Especially with the “massively undulating” nature of the course.

Instead I’d said I would photograph our club members who were running to update our website.

At first there were the normal club runner type pictures albeit in very picturesque surroundings.


Luckily spotting our club is easy with quite a distinctive red kit meaning I could pick them out quite early.


But then, far in the distance came a vision in black and white. At first it seemed like a waddle of penguins (the collective noun, I googled it) had swum up the Thames and fancied a bit of group running. But as they got closer the answer was far more sensible.


Nineteen naughty nuns, none necessarily anointed, stormed into view acting in a very unholy way.

Just over a year ago a much loved member (famous for his love of donning a habit) passed away so last Marlow Half to commemorate his life, some club members dressed in nuns costumes and ran the course. As you do. This year it escalated!

Which made for some interesting pictures…

I can’t remember the last Sunday I didn’t run but although I was a bit jealous I had a great time cheering and photographing and chatting to fellow spectators.

So even though I’m in denial, and will almost certainly run on Tuesday whether I should or not, this non-running lark is quite fun.

A non running Sunday? Ooh you’ll wait a long time for me…