Have I told you I was ill?

This time 2 weeks ago (almost to the hour) I woke up with a cold. Nothing unusual about that, but the timing wasn’t great. I had too much on to be ill. So, much like being injured before a London Marathon, I decided to defer my illness.

No really. I woke up every morning feeling a bit crap but deciding today is not the day I’m going to be ill.

That weekend I was at the Marathon Talk run camp meeting people, running lots and generally having to be well in order to do that.

Immediately afterwards I flew to the Geneva Motor Show for three intensive, very long days. I was being well paid to do a job and couldn’t let anyone down. So again, every morning I deferred.

It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds (and I’m aware it does sound faintly egotistical). As long as there is a jeopardy, something that will be massively affected if you succumb, then I believe the mind is able, in the short term, to postpone the illness. It’s a bit like stopping a toddler from having a tantrum because they want a sweet by distracting them with a colourful picture of an animal.

Unfortunately there is always a pay off. Once I’d finished work and knew I had a couple of days of minimal work on the horizon my body took revenge. Full blown X-rated man-flu has set in and, aside from hauling myself to the Ashmei Ambassador’s selection day last Saturday, I haven’t been able to run for nearly 2 weeks.

This is a critical time in my Manchester Marathon training and I should have been working on speed combined with the longer runs. This Sunday was going to be the final test of where my pace was. The 20 mile Surrey Spitfire is the ideal race to gauge speed over a decent distance but I think I’ll be happy just to complete it.

Its not all doom and gloom though. I am glad I had, prior to the past two weeks, put in some fairly hefty long runs and was way ahead of previous marathon training plans. Hopefully I won’t have lost too much speed in the break and may even be refreshed and have benefitted from the rest.


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