Taper Tantrums , Trail Team Trial & 22 Mile Thoughts

Nearly 3 weeks into taper (and 3 days from the big day) and my brain is finally fried. This taper thing is doing funny things to me. While the first week was OK with a last minute decision to do the Brooklands Half as part of my taper, I have now succumbed to all manner of ailments. Ailments I’m pretty sure are psychological but annoying all the same. Added to this is the crabbiness that comes with lower mileage and I am just not a fun person to live with at the moment. As I write I have one more run, a 2 miler on Saturday, so I have the prospect of not running for two consecutive days. Sunday can’t come soon enough.

Something that has raised the spirits massively this week is getting an email saying that I’ve been shortlisted for the Berghaus Trail Team (trailrunningteam.com) and have a selection day in London on May 3rd! I’m not sure what they are looking for (they will be whittling it down from 100 people to 4) but if they want a slightly fit, slightly older new runner who loves the outdoors and has a food addiction I guess I could have a chance! Just hope all the tube stations have escalators as I think I’ll still need them 3 weeks on. The news came just at the right time as I now have a focus for after London and it took my mind off the marathon, for a few minutes at least.

This is my first marathon and I’ve made sure over the months of training that I “banked” a few memories for when I stared to tire or struggle at the 22-24 mile mark. I deliberately went out in the filthiest weather (not difficult this winter), ran on Christmas Day (not just because my Hal Higdon/Asics combination told me to), missed friends birthdays because I had a race the day after and even retired early – completely sober – from my own dinner party. All these little memories will hopefully help me push through the pain when I need them most. There is no doubt that the training has changed my life and I am so grateful that my family have given me the time and space to do this. However, I’m looking forward to a couple of weekends pottering around the house before it all starts again.

Now to carb load (too late to convert to paleo this time) and sleep. A lot.